10 Tips to increase website revenue
for SMEs

24th November 2019

More revenue is something every company wants. But how to increase your revenue is difficult. In most cases it's easier than you think. With a few simple tips you can increase your revenue without spending huge amounts of time or money. In this blog we give you 10 tips to increase your website revenue, especially for SMEs.

More customers, more revenue
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Tip 1: Focus on SEO

95% Of people use Google to search the internet. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more potential customers visit your website. Start with knowing your ideal customer. Try and empathize with your customer. Which questions or potential problems do your customers have for which your product or service can be a solution? Which search terms on Google would you type in if you have the same problem? Of course you can ask your existing customers: how did you find me?

Find a keyword planner and look for the search terms for your company and use these in a natural way in the texts on your website. Also use the search terms in your headers and make sure the terms are in the URL of your pages.

The text on your website may be quite substantial. On every page the text should be a minimal of 300 words, divided in sections by headers. Images also count in ranking with search engines. Give images a relevant alternative text with the search terms for your company.

Also important with search engine optimisation is link building. Use links in website texts to and from pages (internal links), but also link from your website to other sites. Also make sure links to your website can be found on the internet.

Tip 2: Try Google Ads and other paid channels

Ads is the advertisement channel from Google. Companies can advertise with search advertisements which contain your search terms. The advantage of Google Ads is you only pay for customers actually clicking on your advertisements. Next to Google there are other options to advertise. You can advertise for instance through social media like Facebook. There are other websites (blogs) where it's possible to place an advertorial or banner to your website. And on Ebay you can boost visibility with promoted listings.

Tip 3: Use organic social media in a smart way

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram costs money. If you use social media in a smart way it generates a lot of organic traffic. This means potential customers see your Facebook and Instagram messages without paid advertising. Here are some tips to increase your organic reach. Use a call to action in your messages. A call to action is a question you ask in your message. You invite your followers to react. If your followers reply then like their replies. Contact your followers not as your company but with your personal account. Post regularly on your social media accounts and not always on the same day or time of day. Always use an image with your posts. Text only posts are not read because they are easily overlooked. And people are on social media to be entertained so use some humor!

Tips 4: Local SEO

Local SEO is more and more important. Often people look for local companies and shops by searching Google.

What can you do to increase your search ranking.

  • Register with Google My Business.
  • Make sure your company information is also on your website, for instance your opening hours.
  • Create a separate My Business page per establishment.
  • Collect reviews. The higher your ratings the better your ranking.
  • Also register your website with sites like The Phone Book or Tripadvisor.

Tip 5: Make your website personal and human

Behind a company is a person and that is you. Your potential customers do not want to get to know your company but want to get to know your. They want to see the face - your face - behind the company. Tell your story on your website by explaining who you are and why you do what you do. Write a clear vision, a unique vision about your company on your website. Next to this write website content focused on your potential clients. Notice the difference in the following example:

  • As a hairdresser I come to people's homes to cut their hair.
  • As a hairdresser I come to your home to cut your hair.

Which sentence is more appealing?

Tip 6: Learn to use Wordpress

WordPressis flexible and easy to use. The content of your website in Wordpress is easy to find on Google. Wordpress is reliable, has a lot of options and is used globally. Wordpress is very popular because it is very user friendly, your website layout is flexible and you can customise your website with plugins. In addition Wordpress is free to use. Sometimes you do have to pay for plugins or themes but the free version is usually sufficient. The biggest advantage of Wordpress is you can maintain your website yourself. If something needs to be changed on your website now you don't have to wait for support or when your website developer is available. Learn how to use Wordpress yourself. A lot of information can be found on how to get started.

More customers, more revenue
Photo by Devin Avery via Unsplash

Tip 7: Don't be fooled

Don't have time or don't like working on your website? Of course you can have your website built by a professional. But don't be fooled. Ask multiple companies for offers and try and find the best price to quality ratio. The price range companies offer differ a lot, but a website for an SME company should not cost more than £ 1.000 / € 1.000. This also applies to other services you want to outsource like content or social media activities.

Tip 8: Use Mobalize to allow your customers to book appointments on your website

Mobalize is an online agenda and booking tool focused on SME. You can always access your agenda on your laptop, phone or tabled and can always book appointments for your customers. Mobalize is user friendly and works without fuss. It works simple and efficient so everybody can get started immediately.

In the overview of the week you can view your appointments per employee. In the overview of the day you can view all appointments in a blink of an eye. You can also block certain times for brakes or add specific working hours for extra bookings.

43% Of customers want to book appointments outside opening hours. With Mobalize customers can book appointments 24/7. Your customer chooses a date, product or service and available times are shown immediately.

All customer data is saved and in your customer history you can view when the last appointment was scheduled. Mobalize has many many features but is easy to use and not expensive like other tools and services are.

Tip 9: Make sure to get good reviews

Ask your customers to leave a review when they are happy with your service. A review can be written for instance on your website, Facebook page or Google. The more positive reviews you receive the higher potential customers trust in your company and services will be. If negative reviews are written then solve the issues as soon as possible. Never leave your customers unhappy but convert unhappy customers to happy people.

You can also ask a number of bloggers to write a review for your company, service or a product. Some bloggers will do this in return of a free service or product but other bloggers will ask for money.

Tip 10: Outsource tasks you don't like or find difficult

For all of the above: if you don't like doing it or find it too difficult then ask other people or companies. It will probably cost you money but you will have more time to do what you like and what you are good at. In the end this will generate money for you. If your website looks good, has good content which is SEO friendly, your social media is up-to-date then you will earn back all the money you spend on this.