Mobalize online scheduling on mobile, tablet and desktop

Access your calendar, anywhere and anytime

On the go, check your appointment schedule on your mobile, go through tomorrow's planning on your tablet or plan an appointment on your laptop.

No more physical calendars or unclear notes and appointments. With Mobalize you have access to your appointment schedule anytime and anywhere. That is convenience.

Mobalize appointment schedule overview

Simplicity, overview and speed

An online calendar should not be difficult to use. So we make sure that there is no unnecessary fuss.

View your appointments in a weekly overview per employee or choose the daily overview of all employees. You can also easily block times or release extra working hours.

Everyone can get started in a few steps.

Book appointments online with Mobalize

Your customers can always book an appointment

With Mobalize your customers can book appointments when it suits them best.

Your customer chooses a product or service and a date. Mobalize shows available times and your customer confirms the appointment with their name, email and phone number.

Did you know 43% of all customers books appointments outside of opening hours?

Book appointments with Mobalize

Book appointments quickly

Scheduling appointments in Mobalize is quick and easy.

Just click on the desired starting time in the calendar, select a product or service and select a customer. Quick and easy.

Customer history


Your customer history gives a complete overview of which customers booked appointments for your products and services.

You can also add customers yourself and change customer data like email and phone number.

Appointment confirmation

Appointment confirmation

Customers always get an email confirmation for their appointments. The confirmation has a link so customers can change their appointments without additional calls.

Your customers can also add the appointment to their own agenda. This translates to less no-shows and more revenue for you.

Text reminders

Appointment reminders

You decide how long before an appointment customers receive a reminder.

One less no-show and Mobalize earns itself back. On average Mobalize decreases no-shows with 80%.

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